capturing the essence of nature

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.”

John Muir


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The Catskills

Animal Portraits

Creatures Great and Small

Chat Noir

Mountain Mist

In Search of the Catskill High Peaks

 Autumn in the Hudson Valley and Catskills

 Coastal Scenes

“I take photographs primarily when I’m running or hiking, experiencing moments of beauty and awe that stop me in my tracks. I try to capture and convey these moments of gratitude and peace; moments of complete connection to all things living and those that have passed.”

Holly Cohen, Creator, Golightly Ink

Holly moved from the beaches of Long Island to the Catskill Mountains with her trusty companion, Smokey the cat, and her adopted friends Lilly and Cookie, the donkeys. She sells cards to independent bookstores and small boutiques across the region.



Holly Cohen – Creator – Golightly Ink

Holly is passionate about exploring the natural world and all that surrounds us. Through photography she shares her innate artistry and vision of the world, challenging us to expand our notion of what is beautiful.

Often spotted hiking into the wilderness, she documents the splendor of what she encounters, from the distant outline of a mountain range to the tiny petals of a wildflower.

Holly’s background is in literature, calligraphy, and publishing. She worked for years in independent bookstores. As a writer and editor, she contributed to several publications including: The World Encyclopedia of Calligraphy, which she co-edited with Christopher Calderhead; 100 New York Calligraphers, by Cynthia Dantzic, featuring Holly’s calligraphy; and Letter Arts Review, providing articles, interviews, and photo essays.

Above all, Holly’s biggest inspiration is her love of animals. As well as photographing them, she allocates time to helping rescues.

Smokey – Our Cat Mascot

Smokey is a small black kitty. She’s about 14 years old.

She turned up one rainy day. A friend of Holly’s was smoking chicken on an outdoor charcoal cooker. (Let’s face it, no kitty can resist a chicken dinner.) Smokey, the stray, was welcomed into both Holly’s home and heart.

She cruises around NY state with Holly, viewing the world outside from the comfort of the passenger seat. This adorable little bundle of black fur loves the mountains and the beach. She seems to relax whenever she hears Neil Young and Bob Dylan.

We will donate a portion of profits on Smokey-related cards to the Long Beach, New York no-kill animal shelter, Posh Pets Rescue.

Lilly – Our Donkey Mascot

Lilly is 25 years old. Along with Cookie, her long eared bestie, she recently moving from Peaceful Acres Horses (a sanctuary for rescued equines in Pattersonville, NY) to her new home with Holly in the Catskills.

She is a strong-willed donkey with a big personality and a loud bray. We love Lilly; she is a feisty girl with plenty of pizzazz, who loves attention. She’ll turn her back to you when annoyed. She’ll also rest her head over your shoulder when she’s happy to see you. Who doesn’t love a donkey hug?

We will donate a portion of profits on Lilly-related cards to Peaceful Acres Horses.


Donkeys hold a special place in Holly’s heart because they are some of the most abused and misunderstood animals. According to SPANA there are an estimated 42 million working donkeys in developing countries that do the work of trucks, tractors and cars. Please visit their website to learn more:


A few facts about donkeys:

– they are sensitive, social creatures
– they are highly intelligent, unlike their portrayal in popular culture
– they stop, reflect and assess uncomfortable situations; this is often misconstrued as stubbornness
– they are exceptionally loyal and bond with a partner (usually not a mate)
– they are stoic…by the time they show signs of illness, it’s often too late to help

The Skin Trade

The global donkey population is being decimated at alarming rates, yet few people seem to know this is happening. Donkeys are being stolen from communities in Africa and other developing countries, transported inhumanely across vast distances, and slaughtered.

Why? For their skin. It contains a substance the Chinese use to create ejiao, a gelatin purported to have medicinal benefits and which is found in many beauty products. This issue is not only about animal welfare; it is about human welfare. People depend on donkeys for their livelihood; without them they have no way to support themselves or their families.

It’s a disturbing topic. For more information, please read these articles from two organizations working tirelessly to stop the slaughter:

Donkey Skin Trade 

Seven Facts About The Donkey Skin Trade

We Love These Rescues

Longhopes Donkey Shelter

Bennett, CO

Peaceful Acres Horses

Pattersonville, NY

Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue

South Acworth, NH

TMR Rescue


“Donkeys have been used as working animals for over 5000 years and can live up to 50 years if properly cared for. However, the majority of Donkeys live in underdeveloped parts of the world where their welfare is overlooked, bringing their life expectancy down to 12-15 years. There is no doubt that these working animals are an essential part of life in these countries, and with the proper training and equipment used, these Donkeys can live longer and help communities in need for longer. To do this, they need help, which is where Circle of Trust comes in.”

Chris Garrett, Circle of Trust

Circle of Trust is a non-profit organization founded by Chris Garrett who has worked with and trained hundreds of people across the world on behalf of major charities to ensure the welfare of working Donkeys is being upheld. Through his overseas connections, Chris organizes small but beneficial grants that are put to use in communities where Donkey owners are taught how to make proper, comfortable harnesses, their importance and the responsibility of caring for these animals properly.

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“We are animal. We are Earth. We are water.”

Terry Tempest Williams


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